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Musical Theatre is a great class for budding performers!  The combination of singing, acting, and dancing develops well-rounded artists. Students will learn necessary dance skills and partnering, the art of emoting and “dacting” – dancing/acting, as well as singing skills, all of which will help them on stage, in dance class, and in life.

Our dance combination classes are designed to nurture and develop the stage performer and focus on providing students with both music and dance training. This training will give them the ability to perform in front of others with poise, confidence and stage presence. In term 1 Musical Theatre is offered as an extra class for pupils choosing to participate in this style in our production.

WEB FDP Neverland 2015 Peter & Shadow_63
FDP Cinderella 2017 FMG & Cinderella 075
WEB FDP Snow White 2016 Critters_0034_ed
WEB FDP Neverland 2015 Ariel_5250.jpg
WEB FDP Snow White 2016 Dwarfs_0299.jpg
WEB FDP Snow White 2016 Queen_1265.jpg
WEB FDP Neverland 2015 Fish Choir_5401.j
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