Jazz is a fun and popular dance option where children have the freedom to experiment with dance expression. In these classes we introduce pupils to the fundamentals of jazz, control, strength, energy and flexibility.

NZAMD examinations are encouraged - not compulsory.



Rosette 2 Jazz

The next step up from Rosette 1. More focus is given on basic technique and learning to dance independently.  The class teacher will be in the exam room, and every child receives a special rosette at completion. Must be turning 6 or older in exam's year.

Rosette 3 Jazz

The next step from Rosette 2. More focus is given on basic technique and learning to dance independently.  The class teacher will not be in the exam room, their first exam without their teacher. Every child receives a special rosette at completion and a grading from the examiner. Must be turning 7 or older in exams year.



The NZAMD American Jazz is an exciting syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton of the USA and is suitable for the once a week student, as well as the dancer who is aiming for a dance career -  there are many NZAMD trained jazz dancers performing in shows around the world.

Examinations are available in Grades One to Advanced Two - plus the Solo Performance Diploma.

Suitable for students from 7 years through to adults.



Open Jazz Lyrical

A fun open class, not as structured as exam classes. Teachers will use their knowledge and technique to create exciting and dynamic combinations to really push the students.  Lyrical is explained as dancing to the lyrics of a song, working all emotions and how to portray them through dance. Age 12+

Conditioning Flex & Turns

If you want a class to compliment your jazz or ballet technique, this is for you!

Class is designed to work on strength, flexibility, and the 'tricks' of dance. No choreography is taught in this class, though short combos might be used to link skills together. These classes are highly recommended for any senior student. 

Junior Flex & Leaps

These classes are designed to enhance your regular examination classes by spending more time on stretching and strengthening. If you want to give your child the edge, then these classes are highly recommended. For students aged 7-12.



An enforced dress code helps in many ways. By wearing a uniform the dancer understands that they are going to a structured class which in turn

helps to develop the right mindset. A uniform gives the teacher the ability to see the lines and shapes the dancer is creating and to fix any incorrect technique.  Being dressed all the same also creates an identity and sense of belonging to the studio.

Please check disciplines for correct attire.

Uniforms and I-Dance merchandise are available to order at the studio.

Exam and class requirements

Girls: Leotard that corresponds to your level - Rosettes Pale Pink cap sleeved leotard 

With 3/4 quarter length blacks tights.
All to be ordered directly through us.

Boys: I-Dance branded t shirt or singlet with black shorts (to be discussed with your teacher).
Black slip on jazz shoes with no show socks - please see your local dance store for correct fitting and to purchase.